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Jamesy comes into a room bringing with him a pot of tea and teacup. In bizarre, slow motion movements, he approaches the table and arranges the tea in an obsessive manner. Bringing a second cup suggest that he is going to share his precious tea with someone. Enter his friend James and the tea party begins. 

It’s a true party that these two bring to the stage. They combine physical comedy and improvisation, including audience involvement into a perfectly logical scenario. The story features two friends, a general, Jamesy’s parents and a doctor. First, they “kill” the general on the battlefield, and after that, Jamesy asks his best friend James to take a photo of him and his parents. Of course, the parents are chosen from the audience. In the middle of the photo session, his father has a heart attack, which calls for a doctor (another audience member). The father, along with the entire family and the doctor rushes to the hospital. On their way there, they come face to face with a several difficulties, including a car accident. Not surprisingly, everybody ends up in Cafe Limbo, obviously on their way to Heaven.

British comedians James and Jamesy create a hilarious wonderland, where everybody feels at home. Their energy is entrancing, their dance movements light and controlled, and their humour witty, imaginative and amusing. They definitely found the best way to communicate with the audience and involve them in the show while making them laugh. When those two come to stage, the real party begins. Don’t miss it.

2 for Tea plays at Academic Hall:

Tuesday, June 21 8:30pm

Thursday, June 23 10:30pm

Friday, June 24 8:00pm

Saturday, June 25 2:00pm

Produced by British to British

Created by James & Jamesy

Directed by David MacMurray Smith