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SIENA by la Veronal : Self contemplation, imagined self- destruction and a terrifying sense of the human body!

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Siena, Photo: Jesus Robisco



European  performance is slipping through boundaries, transforming relationships between film, dance, painting, dramatic texts and the human body  and in all this apparent chaos which redefines   live performance,  the world of the “post-text”  and all forms of creation in space speak equally to each other in unexpected ways.    In Canada, Robert Lepage opened  the performance space many years go to this kind of visual/corporeal /technologically based work that one could no longer call simply “theatre” but that seemed to relegate the text to another conceptual dimension, thanks to his collaboration with European festivals and creative centres across the Western world.    Now, a lot of companies are moving in that direction, apparently  feeding off the imaginative style of  Italian performer Romeo Castellucci’s   work that unites the  troubled  subconscious  of  victims of  violence of our contemporary world.  His bits of spoken word and dialogue often based on the great founding narratives of the Western World,   take audiences far away into  visually disturbing places of  pre-civilization, where we can rediscover  the human body and rethink its role in the human uhrschleim of existence.  (Continue reading » )