Someone for Everyone: fringe-style show not strong enough for the 80 minutes it lasts.

Reviewed by Iris Winston

Categories: Professional Theatre

The quality of the direction and performances make the sad/amusing tale of Steven, apparently doomed to be everyone’s friend and nobody’s dream lover, as effective as possible.

The sharp corners that one of the characters turns are a reflection of the sharpness of the direction and the energy of the presentation. The visuals add a layer of interest to the content.

But. while Someone for Everyone begins well, the material in this fringe-style show is not strong enough for the 80-plus minutes that it lasts. Neither are such crudities as the graphic Portnoy’s Complaint segment warranted.

Ottawa, September 20, 2010

Someone for Everyone

by GATD Caplan 

Friends Not Lovers Productions in association with NightHowl Productions (September 15 to 25) 

Director: Patrick Gauthier 

Lighting design: Jon Alexander 

Video material: Kris Joseph 

Costume design: Jody Haucke 

Production crew: Gwen Davie


StevenGeoff McBride 

Beth et al:Sarah Finn 

Irma et al:Catriona Leger 

Narrator and alter ego:Jordan Hancey 

Reviewed by Iris Winston

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