Reviewed by on    Ottawa Fringe 2012  

Artists have always been in search for new topics and new ways to present their ideas.  Lady Business sticks to old issues, but with a very fresh approach through a series of skits. They look into our mind, dissecting its secret corners with a sharp knife and attacking fears caused by stereotypes with no mercy or decorum. You’re a fat girl, they say it to your face, and you have to cry about it? Come on!

The chain of sketches goes on. Some attack daily issues, some ridicule established routines, while others offer a serious criticism of global politics and economy. What is common to all of them, regardless of the form of, is the level of performance. It is a comedy close to its best. The young acting company Lady Business is comprised of three excellent actors: Laura Bonang, Alexandra Hurley and Deborah Ring. Remember those names, I believe we will hear from them again, and I hope soon!
Not only are they smart observers of life, but they also find a new way to talk about it – blunt, but in a good taste, and with the tinge of sarcasm. Their amazing ability to transform instantaneously from one character to another allows them to take on a variety of characters, and to make all of them alive, convincing and lovable. No wonder that the audience loved every minute of the show. The constant laughs and a long round of applause were fully deserved.  

Presented  in the  Arts Court Library.