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By Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone Peter ‘n Chris Save the World delivers a fast-talking, fast-paced comedy about two slightly ADD characters out to save the world. The brainchild of Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone, the show leaves audiences practically convulsing in laughter at the scene changes and witty, tongue-in-cheek dialogue. The strength of the show lies in the duo’s comedic timing and capacity as physical performers. The story is there, but it is secondary, seeming to serve as a backdrop for Peter and Chris’ antic on stage. Although a few of the jokes fell somewhat flat, the show struck a chord with the audience. After all, while utterly hilarious, it does touch upon contemporary issues such as our all-consuming fear of boredom and increasing desire to do something- anything- to achieve a sense of purpose. For Peter, Chris and myriads of others, this amounts to fighting to save the world, even if they don’t fully understand what they are doing or how they are meant to do it. Perhaps this is a snapshot of life today, a criticism of our rush to always act at the expense of understanding and real passion. Or perhaps I read too much into it. Either way, this clever, manic comedy will leave you laughing and lighthearted.