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Paul Rainville and Eric Coates in George Walker’s The Burden of Self Awareness from the 2013-2014 Season. Photo: Andrew Alexander

Artistic Director, Eric Coates, Managing Director Hugh Neilson and associated artists took to the stage at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre to introduce GCTC’s new season for 2015-2016. Eric Coates is passionate about programming Canadian playwrights and developing new works and this season is no different.

The 2015-2016 season offers up political scandal; a tribute to our veterans; a local family holiday story; international intrigue; chilling vengeance and a visit from the Queen. The new season, subscription and ticket information were posted on GCTC‘s website at the same time along with a video of Eric Coates, Hugh Neilson and staff introducing the new season.

During the launch Eric Coates highlighted the company’s commitment to partnerships with local companies and hiring local artists whenever possible. Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre promoted their upcoming season of plays for children, including their “Snippet” series featuring appearances by local celebrities. Propeller Dance, GCTC’s Associate Company, provided a glimpse of their works in progress for next year. Opera Lyra promoted their double bill of contemporary new Canadian operas, Etiquette and Regina, at GCTC next fall. Cube Gallery continues its relationship with The Lorraine ‘Fritzi’ Yale Gallery and Curator-in-Residence, Malika Welsh. Also presenting were members of GCTC’s Playwrights Unit and local artists including Janet Irwin and Jock Munro who are teaming up as director and designer for Brian Doyle’s Angel Square.

GCTC’s 2015-2016 Season:

GENEROUS by Michael Healey

Directed by Eric Coates


If you enjoyed Proud, The Drawer Boy and Plan B, you will love this blistering ride through four intertwining stories. Generous puts the spotlight on government scandal, corruption, judicial imprudence, and our innate ability to ruin our love lives.

“A Blast of wit and hope.” The Globe and Mail

JAKE’S GIFT by Julia MacKey

Directed by Dirk Van Stralen

Starring Julia Mackey


Special Performances in French November 10 & 12

This multi-award winning Canadian play follows a veteran of World War II on his reluctant journey back to Juno Beach. Once there, he encounters a 10-year-old girl who helps him come to grips with lifelong demons, proving that a simple exchange can have a healing effect. The captivating play will give you a new appreciation for Remembrance Day and its importance to our lives.

“A story of perfect simplicity, flawlessly told…” Calgary Herald

With permission from Groundwood Books, GCTC presents Brian Doyle’s

ANGEL SQUARE adapted by Jan Irwin

Directed by Jan Irwin


The year is 1945 and Tommy is on a mission to solve a mystery in Lowertown. He does his best sleuthing in Angel Square, a fearsome battleground where French, Protestant and Jewish kids battle on a daily basis. He knows that the answer to the mystery lies somewhere in the cultural divide of Angel Square. In the course of his quest, Tommy learns about the forces that divide and unite communities. This beloved story is an Ottawa classic for all ages.

“Charming holiday offering for the whole family” Ottawa Citizen

GCTC presents Persephone Theatre’s production of

MATCHSTICK by Nathan Howe

Directed by Kristen Holfeuer

Starring Nathan Howe & Lauren Holfeuer


In the opening song, we meet our heroine, Matchstick, who comes from a rocky background, an orphan in an undesirable country. The music soars as she is swept off her feet by a mysterious and charming American who promises a new start in the land of opportunity and freedom. But soon she finds herself trapped in a life she could never have predicted…a folk musical about the wife of a very notorious man.

“I can’t say enough about Matchstick. It is an absolute must-see.” Charlebois Post

BUTCHER by Nicolas Billon

Directed by Eric Coates


And old man wearing a military uniform and a Santa hat is dumped at a police station. He does not speak English, and there is a lawyer’s business card baited on a meat hook that hangs around his neck. As a lawyer, a police officer and a translator struggle to unravel the truth, they uncover a brutal past. Butcher is an unsettling thriller that tackles questions of justice, punishment and vengeance.

“It’s a scary, unsettling thrill ride that might just haunt your intellect as much as it surely will your nightmares.” Calgary Sun


A World Premiere


Janet Wilson is a typical housewife in 1969, preparing to deliver a speech to the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. What could possibly go wrong? How about a heckling geriatric, a surly daughter, a philandering husband and a draft-dodging nephew for starters. Welcome to Janet Wilson’s life: a darkly comic place that refuses to change as the world around her undergoes a monumental transformation.

For subscription and ticket information call the Box Office (613) 236-5196 or visit

About the Great Canadian Theatre Company:

“To foster, produce and promote excellent theatre that provokes examination of Canadian life and our place in the world."

GCTC celebrates its 41th Anniversary Season in 2015–2016. GCTC was created by a group of people who joined together at Carleton University with little more than an idea. It is now a mainstay in Canada’s professional theatre scene.

GCTC is committed to the production of new Canadian work and artist development. We continue to commission and workshop new plays by emerging and established playwrights. We mentor emerging companies and artists through internships and sharing resources.