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Undercurrents: the Twilight Parade-an Imaginative lens for contemporary issues?

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Undercurrents from the Twilight Parade


Reviewed on Saturday, February 10 by Natasha Lomonossoff

The use of puppets to tell stories which involve mature themes is one that is both risky and innovative; with an artistic object like a puppet, one would expect that such a story would be told in a way which makes the viewer think about these issues much differently. The Twilight Parade, a mixed media and puppet show that is part of the undercurrents theatre festival at Arts Court, is moderately successful in this regard. Created and directed by Nadia Ross of STO Union, the show takes on contemporary political and social issues in an uncommon fashion. The play begins with an introduction to a group of otherworldly creatures who maintain the threads of human love which hold society together. As these creatures discover, however, all in not well in the human world, as very real issues of racism, corporate greed and economic inequality are present. (Continue reading » )