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43- Filth : trapped in our useless and muddy reality of being?

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A production from Tallin, Estonia: the winner of XIV Europe Prize Theatrical Realities, 2017.

43-Mud, photo Tiit Ojasoo,  Europe prize in Rome

The end of the world has come, there is nowhere to go, we are trapped in our uselessness and muddy reality of being… that is the message that Theatre N099 and its performance No 43 – Filth want to convey.  The statement is not new, the passion it carries is not surprising, the methods it uses are curious.

The collective “we” the company uses – both in its promotional material and on stage – is recognizable but bothering. Do we really come from mud and die in it? Are we all the soul-less golems with no faith or fear left? Is there any hope left? The Estonian directors Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper seem to have no positive answer. (Continue reading » )