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Building the Wall is outstanding theatre!!

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Building the Wall,   Cassandre Mentor.  Photo  from New Ottawa Critics

Building the Wall By Robert Schenkkan

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre

Directed by Sean Devine



It was historian Hannah Arendt who famously advanced  the concept of the banality of evil.

This viewpoint threaded its way through her book, Eichmann In Jerusalem, a riveting account of the trial of an infamous Nazi war criminal.

But you’ll also understand what she was getting at if you venture out to the Gladstone this weekend to see American dramatist Robert Schenkkan’s quietly lacerating new play,  Building The Wall, and take in Brad Long’s unsettling portrayal of a redneck prison officer who has been complicit in unspeakable crimes against humanity. (Continue reading » )

Building the Wall : The slippery slope of crimes against humanity!

Reviewed by on    Theatre in Ottawa and the region  

Building the Wall at the Gladstone Theatre
Photo Andrew Alexander

Building The Wall, written by  Robert Shenkkan.

The swift march of folly can be the enemy of political theatre; by the time a playwright responds to events and a play reaches the stage, the world has moved on. Not so with Building The Wall by Robert Schenkkan. If you’ve had more than your dose of Trump inspired hilarity as served up by late night television, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre has the antidote. Lights up on grave misgivings. Walls actually come tumbling down in this production. (Continue reading » )