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Celebrity Exception

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A Black Sheep Theatre Production, written by Katherine Glover who won the critic’s award for her monologue Dead Wrong in 2012. It is directed by Dave Dawson whose work in Community theatre in Ottawa has also been recognized.

The story unfolds quickly as a  young couple, the  fellow’s sister and  a movie star  launch the  dynamic of the “celebrity exception. Everyone has the right to a single exception in their lives where they can transgress the pact made with the partner and try some exciting new adventure. Mark is horrified by the idea but  Kayley is excited and confesses she dreams of spending the night with a famous actor known for his vampire and cheap movie hero roles. There is a twist of fate, the actor mysteriously appears and things work out in a most unexpected way and the actors pull it off most convincingly.

The story is a bit silly, it smacks of childish games, although the young people do seem to be comfortable in these roles, and the audience follows it all along. At one point  near the end, the movie star is on the phone but  we are not sure to whom he is talking, that is a hole that needs some clarification. . Nevetheless, this nonsense  allowed the  young performers to get on stage but  the play was not nearly the level of writing that Glover gave us with her monologue Dead Wrong, in 2012,   which was a  winner from the very first moment. Lets hope she goes back to that kind of writing which was  exceptional. At least the names of the actors were mentioned which is a good thing since they do deserve recognition:  Mike Kosowan, Robin Hodge, Jonah Lerner and Alexis Scott.

Celebrity Exception em> in the Court room of Arts Court.