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 Stratford Festival: Two queens of the stage embody two queens of history

Seanna McKenna and Lucy Peacock. Photo: Don Dixon.    Postmedia News. 4 juin, 2013


STRATFORD, Ont. — For sheer dramatic excitement, there is nothing else in the Stratford Festival’s marathon round of recent openings to match Mary Stuart.And by the time we reach the blazing confrontation that erupts in Act Two, it’s clear that this is one for the memory books, with two remarkable actresses at the peak of their powers. There is the magnificently regal Elizabeth l of Seana McKenna, a monarch razor-sharp in her intelligence and wit, fiercely protective of her own status and of the nation she rules, yet touchingly vulnerable. In the other corner we find Lucy Peacock brilliantly defining the often-infuriating complexities of Mary Queen of Scots……

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