Reviewed by on    Ottawa Fringe 2015  

Can you think of another venue where one of the devil’s helpers could choose to try to convert the enemy?  This Senior Tempter (John D. Huston) is very eloquent and his delivery excellent.  His voice echoes off the high church celling when he is in full motivational mode.  Transitioning  between conversations with his nephew Wormwood, his aide, and a call from down below are not clearly defined.   The dialogue is clever allowing the actor to present arguments to his nephew, explaining how to bring the enemy over to their side.  This play, a little too long, requires dedicated concentration not only from the actor but also for the audience. 

Freely adapted by John D. Huston from The Screwtape Letters and Screwtape Proposes a Toast by C.S. Lewis.
Performer: John D. Huston, By the Book Productionsé
Performed at St-Paul’s Eastern United.