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Lady Macbeth rejoint l’Inde médiévale : Anjali à l’Université d’Ottawa

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Les 1 et 2 décembre 2017 (vendredi et samedi), à 19h30, Anne-Marie Gaston, mieux connue sous le nom d’Anjali, son nom d’artiste, va présenter Lady Macbeth, un spectacle unique de théâtre dansé à la Cours des Arts, dans la salle ODD, au 2 avenue Daly (près de l’université). (Continue reading » )

Building the Wall : The slippery slope of crimes against humanity!

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Building the Wall at the Gladstone Theatre
Photo Andrew Alexander

Building The Wall, written by  Robert Shenkkan.

The swift march of folly can be the enemy of political theatre; by the time a playwright responds to events and a play reaches the stage, the world has moved on. Not so with Building The Wall by Robert Schenkkan. If you’ve had more than your dose of Trump inspired hilarity as served up by late night television, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre has the antidote. Lights up on grave misgivings. Walls actually come tumbling down in this production. (Continue reading » )

Difficult for the Uninitiated, but Technically Brilliant: L-E-V’s OCD Love

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Kellie MacDonald. Criticism class of Patrick Langston. November 18, 2017

From Israel-based dance company L-E-V, co-Artistic Directors Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar present OCD Love at the National Arts Centre’s Babs Asper Theatre. At roughly 55 minutes without intermission, the performance is an exploration of love and obsessive compulsive disorder set to the metronomic ticking of DJ Ori Lichtik’s soundscape. OCD Love keeps audiences on the edge with writhing choreography and repetitive bass-thumping house music. (Continue reading » )

L-E-V OCD : Dancing the Pain Away

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Emily Blake,  November 26th 2017

In Patrick Langston’s criticism class.  


Silence speaks louder than words, and in that silence is all the meaning in the world. LEV’s OCD Love is a powerful commentary on what it like to be plagued by OCD, shedding light on the realities of those who are faced with this disorder every day. LEV is an Israeli dance company founded by choreographer Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. They are joined by techno musician Ori Lichtik, working together to create this hypnotic masterpiece. (Continue reading » )

NAC French Theatre: Gabriel Dumont’s dream of a Wild West Show realized for the stage

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Patrick Langston, preview
October 12, 2017

Johnathan Lorenge.the Wild West Show

A scene from Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West Show produced by the NAC’s French Theatre department. Photo  Johnathan Lorenge.


Gabriel Dumont would be intrigued. Dumont, the ally of Louis Riel and leader of the Métis forces during the 1885 North-West Rebellion against the Canadian government, fled Canada for the U.S. after the rebellion was quashed and Riel hung.

In the U.S., he joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, but he didn’t stick for long. However, it turns out he did dream of creating something similar in Canada to spotlight the struggle of the Métis people to reclaim their rights.
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Office Hours: McCabe’s cast and crew keep the tone light and entertaining!

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Office Hours
Poster. Courtesy of Phoenix Players

Office Hours By Norm Foster. Directed by Jo-Ann McCabe. Phoenix Players

It’s Friday afternoon at the office, or, more accurately, at six offices, and a regular day of preparing for the weekend away from the city.

The busy week included firing a couple of employees, having a sycophantic encounter with an alcoholic film director out of original ideas, dealing with a couple of potential suicides, a pushy salesman, a self-centred psychiatrist, a domineering mother who believes herself responsible for her son’s sexual orientation, an overweight jockey, a steamy novelist and a dead racehorse. (Continue reading » )

OCD Love: L-E-V Dance company delves into a paradox, the strange psychic disruption of the troubled body!

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OCD Love (L-E-V Dance) Photo. Courtesy of the National Arts Centre

This latest work by the Israeli dance company LEV Dance, created by  Sharon  Eyal and Gai Behar is a terrifyingly complex moment of corporeal  inventiveness that subjected  the dancers to the most demanding  feat of choreography I have ever seen.

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Capital Critics Circle Presents its awards for the 2016-17 theatre Season in Ottawa

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Vigilante,  Best professional production. Photo by David Cooper

Photo: Maria Vartanova

Photo: Maria Vartanova Best Community  production: Other Desert Cities

 On November 14,  about 200 members of the Theatre community of  the nation’s capital gathered in the Salon of the National Arts Centre for the nineteenth  annual  theatre awards presented by the Capital Critics Circle, for plays presented in English in the National capital region. As Nathan Medd, managing director of the National Arts Centre English theatre stated, this is the only event in the city which brings together members of  community,  professional and student  theatre groups who rarely mingle but who have  equally strong traditions  in Ottawa. (Continue reading » )

Student Review: Dense but Rewarding: The Metropolitan Opera’s The Exterminating Angel

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Photo Emon Hassan
The Exterminating Angel

Kellie MacDonald from the Theatre Criticism course of Patrick Langston, U of Ottawa

Widely considered the opera event of the season, this is the North American premiere of acclaimed British composer-conductor Thomas Adès’s newest work. With direction and libretto by Tom Cairns, The Exterminating Angel draws inspiration from the 1962 Luis Buñuel film of the same name. It is, at the same time, thrilling and torturously slow, depicting the descent into madness of a Sartrean dinner party nobody can leave. (Continue reading » )