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Small Creatures Such as We
Created by Meagan McDonald & Vishesh Abeyratne
Produced by Angel in the Rafters Theatre

Joanna and Kit meet in their teens. He is a tough boy and she is a modest, religious girl. As opposites attract, Joanna and Kit fall in love.  It is an unsteady, adolescent relationship, but it is exciting and pure. The Romance finishes with an unexpected pregnancy and stillborn child. They part, each going a different direction. Still, they often think of each other, and finally meet again after 10 years. Now as adults, they talk about how their lives have been changed as a result of their past. By revealing sequences of their youth, they face their inner demons and expose their tortured minds.

Small Creatures Such as We is a well-written story in which Meagan McDonald and Vishesh Abeyratne explore the dark side of growing up. They probe such issues as violence among teenagers, fear of and confusion with circumstances they find themselves in, as well as unprotected sexual relationships and its consequences. Although the general tone of the play is tragic, the creators leave hope for the future. Does love conquer it all? The end seems to be rushed, and therefore lacks the conviction of the rest of the narrative.

Generally, Meagan McDonald and Vishesh Abeyratne did a decent job, especially in presenting adult Joanna and Kit. Their portrayals of teenagers is less successful. Both are much better in calm, casual dialogues than in passionate outbursts. Overall, Small Creatures Such as We pleasantly spent hour in the theatre.

Small Creatures Such as We plays in Academic Hall

 Monday, June 20  9:30PM

Wednesday, June 22  7:00PM

Saturday, June 25  6:30PM

Sunday, June 26  4:30PM