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Miss Bruce’s War
Created by Jean Duce Palmer
Produced by Elmwood School_Elmwood Theatre

Playwright Jean Duce Palmer wrote Miss Bruce’s War based on her own experience as a young schoolteacher in ruralAlberta during World War II. This semi-biographical work brings back a different era – a time where people sang patriotic song and helped the war effort any way they could.

Miss Bruce gets a three month job teaching a small group of children who happen to be of a German origin. Her assignment starts in January – the worst and the coldest part of year. The journey is long and tiring, she is cold and hungry, and her only wish is to reach her destination as soon as possible and get a chance to rest. As the story unfolds, Miss Bruce undergoes changes. She matures a little after every single event during her short stay in the area. Prejudice and insensitivity towards her neighbours disappear and she learns a lot about love and friendship.

Elmwood Theatre presents the story charmingly. They manage to depict life in a remote village in 1942 in a convincing way. Some singing sequences are superb. With good direction and well-executed set and costumes, the play creates an atmosphere, that is just right. Although they still have to learn a lot about acting, these young actors surely have a potential.  


Miss Bruce’s War plays at Academic Hall on Saturday, June 25 at 12:00pm