Reviewed by on    Theatre in Ottawa and the region  

by Kat Fournier, Laurie Fyffe, Barbara Gray,  Patrick Langston, Maja Stefanowska, Alvina Ruprecht, Iris Winston and Jamie Portman

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As of June 26, 2 014   36 plays reviewed, many more SEEN, several reviewed twice

total reviews 45  and  more coming.

Portable #3  3 reviews J. Portman, I.Winston , A. Ruprecht

Chase and Stacey present Joy Ride  2 reviews J. Portman, I.Winston

Immolation 1 review by A.Ruprecht..

Can’t Argue With Pussy  1 review by Maja Stefanowska

Wunderjammer  1 review A.Ruprecht

Immolation  1 review A. Ruprecht

Kitt and Jane   2 reviews Kat Fournier, A.Ruprecht

Great Battles of History   1 review Alvina Ruprecht

High Tide   1 review Alvina Ruprecht

Never own anything you have to paint or feed  1 review Alvina Ruprecht

Iredea    1 review Alvina Ruprecht

Mr and Mrs Jones   1 review  P. Langston

Othello 1 review Kat Fournier

A Mind Full of Dopamine   2 reviews. Patrick Langston, Laurie Fyffe

The City that Eats You  1 review P.Langston

First Words 1 review Maja Stefanowska

Moonlight after Midnight  1 review Kat Fournier

Burnt at the Steak 3 reviews   P. Langston,  A. Ruprecht, I. Winston

Cupidity 1 review M. Stefanowska

The Surprise  2 reviews  P. Langston  A.Ruprecht

Eclipse  1 review K. Fournier

Wasteland Radio 1 review M.Stefanowska

A Universal Guide to Loving Your Shadow  1 review L. Fyffe

Poe Show 1 review  A. Ruprecht

Getting Through ‘1 review M. Stefanowska

Dont Tell My Dad 1 review M. Stefanowska

First Words 1 review M. Stefanowska

Oceans Apart  2 reviews A Ruprecht, L. Fyffe

Kavaliers Curiosity 1 review K. Fournier

Women Who Shout At Stars 2 reviews L. Fyffe,  P. Langston

Against Gravity 1 Review P. Langston

Stories of Davey Punk P. Langston

Einstein 2 reviews A. Ruprecht, P. Langston

Paco V Put to  Sleep. 4  reviews A. Ruprecht, P. Langston, I.  Winston, J. Portman

Who Killed Gertrude Crump 2  reviews A. Ruprecht,  P.Langston