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Two fourteen year old misfits have hijacked a school assembly during their presentation on wild salmon, and are holding the audience hostage while they spell out society’s upcoming demise. The two characters – Kitt and Jane – are clown-like in their representation of these pseudo-activist, young teenagers. An interactive sing-along, horseplay, and shadow puppetry contribute to the illusion that this is a youthful, home-sprung environmental mission, but poor enunciation and a dragging pace overwhelm the experience. There were a number of problems with this production, not the least of which was that both the plot and the characters were scattered and inconsistent. A series of disjointed vignettes, meant to showcase their child-like approach to the apocalypse, end up falling flat. The narrative is unnecessarily long and meanders around a number of themes, but never fully develops them. It could be shortened to help address the laborious pace. This play hovers somewhere between environmental activism and character-driven comedy, but commits to neither.