Reviewed by on    Ottawa Fringe 2013, Summer Theatre 2013  

This is a one woman play written and performed by Veenesh Dubois, where Veneesh leads us on a roller coaster of emotions. Her performance as Timal is outstanding.  She captures the essence of a little 10-year old girl, whose father leaves his family and their small village to travel to the land of opportunity – Canada.  He promises to return and from that moment on, their only contact is through letters.  Timal is left in the care of her grandmother.  This is when Veneesh deftly uses a red scarf to transform herself  into the character of the grandmother and later, using the same prop, she becomes  the auntie, and a bride of an arranged marriage.  Under her convincing performance, we watch Timal  mature through her teenage years into a wife and mother.  The short film screened during the performance, gives glimpses of  father’s life in Canada which is perhaps extraneous to the play but   Under the Mango Tree is a ‘must see’ on your Fringe list. 

Written and performed by: Veenesh Dubois
Location: Studio Léonard Beaulne
June 21, 23, 24 25, 28, 30 2013 (at different times)
Timal’s Dream – Short Film
Director: Suzanne Bastien
Producer: Veenesh Dubois
Cinematographer: Colin Stoddard
Actors: Dhirendra Miyanger, Charlie Bewley
Tammy Gillis, Sean Nowak, Trevor Peever, Rachel Wolski