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Occupy Me by Bronwyn Steinberg and Sarah Waisvisz at Studio 311

An apparently real Yoga class lead by a Bronwyn Steinberg (Sarah Lotus Blossom in the play)  who is in fact a professional teacher of Yoga, slides between the boundaries of theatre and the Hindu rituals of Yoga. The teacher becomes a self-reflective character questioning her own involvement with the yoga faith and her engagement with the Occupy movement and all the political outcomes of her reflection on the well-being of the earth. Moments of humour blend with this pleasant moment of relaxation, and a chance to see the supple Steinberg at work with her  authentic exercises, for those who are into yoga (you can do the exercises with her) and even for those of us who are not part of the initiated. People left feeling good after that work out. Takes place in a rehearsal room on the third floor of the Theatre Department of Ottawa University.