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In the First Place’ is a series of personal monologues performed individually by seven courageous youths about their first experience with love and sex, including identity issues surrounding these age old topics.  At a sensitive time during their teen years, the orators emotionally express their ups and downs with raw honesty.  Well done, considering it is a first time for a few of the young actors to appear in front of an audience.
The stories told, deal with abuse, awkwardness, and growing up too fast.  They also tell of many firsts such as love, a kiss, sex, dates, fantasies, coming out, and what do people say when under the covers.  Simple props are used effortlessly by the performers.  On the sparse staging area, a chair, a blanket, a  glass and a pair of high heeled shoes add to the drama.

The location for ‘In the First Place’ is in the oldest community museum, The Bytown Museum,  About Insight Theatre: The youth theatre troupe travel around to junior highs, high schools and community centres, in order to educate their peers about sexual health topics, including HIV prevention, and healthy relationships.  Their intention is to instill an awareness in their peers so that informed decisions are made that are right for them

Insight Theatre
Director: Luna Allison
Stage Manager: Gabrielle Castilloux
Hannah Collins
Leah Careless
Kyle Mayhew-Smith
Sophie Dufault
Alice Hunter
Meaghan Thew
Danielle Eyer
Location: Bytown Museum – 1 Canal (between Parliament Hill and Chateau Laurier Hotel)
Dates: June 20-23 & 26-29
Time: 7.30 p.m.