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Reviewed by Maja Stefanovska

Ottawa, June 20, 2011

My Mother’s Daughter explores the way our identities in the present are shaped by our interactions – or lack of interactions – with those in our pasts. It is not an easy matter to tackle but complex and, as the play shows, sometimes painful. The stories are told from the perspectives of four very different women who lay their personalities- both the aspects they show to outsiders and the ones they struggle with internally- and histories for us to see.

The play is made up of strong actors who do well in their respective parts, delivering monologues and interactions with conviction and strength. Yet, I could not shake the feeling that I had already seen this play- in the form of a television show, play, song etc. The characters were experiencing problems we’ve seen countless times in ways that we’ve seen countless times while coming to the same revelations we have seen countless times. Finally, the setting was unclear- how did these different women end up together in the same room? Are they in the same room? Are we in a bar? A coffee shop? The audience is left bemused and struggling to follow only to be hit with a cliffhanger at the end seemingly out of left field.

Despite some of its shortcomings, the show does have moments of humour and poignance. Unfortunately, it is the other moments, the ones that leave the audience confused, that stand out the most.

My Mother’s Daughter plays at the  Arts Court Theatre.


My Mother’s Daughter

A Production of the WHO AM I AND WHY?   theatre.

Written and directed by Stephanie Haines

Plays at Arts Court Theatre. June 16 to 26.