Reviewed by on    Montreal Fringe 2013  

Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame is a story rife with conspiracy theories, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Yet, for all this, it fails to come off as edgy or sexy. Playwright and director Franco DeCrescentis gives us the story of Richard Dick (Kenny Streule), a talentless, pathetic boy who wants to be a rich and famous superstar. The devil, seeing a chance for gain, approaches him and, soon enough, he is transformed into Alex Cross, an ultra-famous front for the devil’s intentions, which revolve around controlling the world through the Illumanti and entertainment industry. That the story isn’t very original can be forgiven – it’s an interesting concept and one that has potential. Unfortunately, the play never quite lives up to its potential. It’s too long and the acting is too uneven to make a cohesive show- it bounces from a well put-together performance to something reminiscent of a high school play.

The script is not very clever or funny, though it tries to be both desperately. It just ends up being too obvious – Beelzebub records? Really? It could be trying to make a bigger point about the stupidity and blindness that comes with fame, but it just misses the mark. Instead, it comes off as a too obvious and very amateur effort. It’s a bit much to believe that Dick/Alex and his adoring fans could be so stupid as to be fooled. Having said that, the audience did seem pretty receptive to the show’s brand of humour, so, with some tightening up and reworking, the script and show does have the chance to be a fun night out.

Director and writer: Franco De Crescentis

The Cast

Kenny Streule

Alex Cross

Donald Shepherd


Franco De Crescentis


Jason Yearow

Narrator & Various Roles

Anne-Josie Roy

Various Roles

Catherine Karas

Various Roles

Daphne Morin

Various Roles

Jenny Walker

Various Roles

Kathleen Glynn

Various Roles

Stéphanie Bijou

Various Roles

Yan Thivierge

Various Roles

The Creative Team

Franco De Crescentis

Playwright, Producer, Director