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Adapted by Ottawa playwright John Cook and presented by Plosive Productions, this story about belief, generosity and the Christmas spirit is thoroughly engaging family entertainment.

The story is best known in its 1947 film incarnation but translates well to the stage in Plosive’s presentation as a radio drama that takes us inside the broadcast studio. There, several actors and a sound effects person create a sweet-tempered tale about a little girl named Susan Walker (the expressive Kelty O’Brien) who discovers that Kris Kringle (Tom Charlebois) is real.

Much of the play’s fun is in the personalities of the radio drama actors, the byplays between the actors, and the dissonance between the actors themselves and the roles they play in the radio show. Katie Bunting is especially good as the flirtatious diva Jeannie Lewis, and Steve Martin does nice turns as a jaundiced radio actor, the rich, plain-spoken New York retailer Mr. Macy and others.

Efficiently directed by Nicole Milne, the show includes seasonal tunes by the tuneful trio The Gladstone Sisters.

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