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In A Tribute to the Canadian Musical, GOYA marked its tenth anniversary with a retrospective of the musicals it has presented over the last decade.

The tribute by Gord Carruth links excerpts from nine shows, interspersed with comments from behind-the-scenes GOYA members.

As with many shows in review format, Tribute has its highs and lows. In the highs department, the segment from Joey by Gord Carruth, GOYA’s first production, works particularly well. Among the most compelling individual numbers are Sharron McGuirl’s sensitive rendition of When he was my beau from Anne & Gilbert by Jeff Hochhauser, Bob Johnston and Nancy White, and Lesley Osborn’s powerful version of Coattails from Menopositive by J.J. McColl.

Jim Baldwin is very funny as the cocky pirate captain from The Princess & the Pirate by Gord Carruth and Jennifer Fontaine and Andrew Galligan are effective both in assorted roles and as the show’s anchors.

Among the lows are generally unflattering costuming and the attempt to make the show inclusive by having people more comfortable working behind the scenes front and centre. There are also times when some singers are hard to hear over the onstage live band—on the other hand, having live musicians is a definite plus.

In general, because it is designed to stir up good memories, A Tribute to the Canadian Musical has the greatest appeal for anyone associated with the shows over the years, as performers, technical crews or even subscribers.

But the good news for everyone who cares about theatre is that GOYA has its first decade of performing exclusively Canadian shows under its belt.

A Tribute to the Canadian Musical played at Centrepointe’s Studio Theatre from October 13 to 16, 2011.

Ottawa, Iris Winston

Ocober 14, 2011

Tribute to The Canadian Musical

by Goya Theatre

Written and directed by Gord Carruth

Musical directors: Brian Boggs and Theresa Clarke

Choreographer: Joan Scarcella-Kovacs

Lighting: Chris Amott

Sound: Elaine McCausland

GOYA Theatre Productions Inc.


Bob Doidge (bass); Amy King (keyboards); Dan Lockwood (percussion); Bart Nameth (piano)


Tony Adams, Jim Alexander, Cullen Armstrong, Jim Baldwin, Matteo Belloni, Kyla Browne, Donna Castonguay, Ron Clarke, Laurie Dickson, Jennifer Fontaine, Andrew Galligan, Eric Gingras, Maureen Johnson, Alan Jones, Steve Jones, Tim Hillock, Marie-Pier Jean, Bryan Jesmer, Howard Kaplan, John Kershman, Isabella Kondrat, Bob lackey, Fiona MacKinnon, Alicia Malcolm Robinson, Vivian Masswohl, Pat McAlpine, Maureen McGovern, Sharron McGuirl, Charles Moir, Alexander Morris, Lesley Osborne, Samantha Pierre, Chris Pilsworth, Dianna Renee Yorke, Kraig-Paul Proulx, Moe Romanow, Maureen Speer, Nick Surges, Doug Thicke, Taryn Waldorf, Julia Walmsley, Mykayla Irene Young, James Zacour.