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Is old Mr. Anderson senile? Clever? Does one negate the other? Are the two cops good, bad, just doing their jobs? And what will it be like when you and I and those two police officers are old? Will we feel powerless or will we – and does Mr. Anderson – still find ways to bend the world to our desires?

The Interview, a multi-award winner at the 2010 Eastern Ontario Drama League One-Act Play Festival, prompts questions. It’s also a highlight of this year’s Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Written by Ken Wilson, the one-act drama balances suspense, comedy and humanity in its story about Mr. Anderson (the outstanding Dan Baran) who lives in a nursing home where a murder has occured. Ken Godmere and Michael Kennedy play the two cops investigating the killing. Klaas van Weringh directs. And the audience, which never quite figures out the truth of what happened, leaves the show asking each other a lot of questions about what might have happened.

The Janigan Studio has poor sight lines, so choose your seat carefully.

The Interview

by Ken Wilson

Directed by Klaas Van Weringh

Featuring: Dan Baran as Mr Anderson, Ken Godmere as Detective Smith,

and Michael Kennedy as Detective Thorpe

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