Reviewed by on    Theatre in Ottawa and the region  

Best  show                                                  Bursting  into Flames  
                                                                      The Elephant Girls
                                                                      Three Men in a Boat
                                                                     Weird: Witches of Macbeth

Best performers in  Fringe                     Martin Dockery (Inescapable/Bursting into  Flames                                
                                                                John D. Huston  (Screwtape)
                                                              Margo Macdonald  (The Elephant Girls)
                                                             Daniel Tobias (The Orchid and the Crow)
                                                           Gemma Wilcox (Magical Mystery Detour)


Note:  Sometimes a third or fourth review of the same show  was not published but all shows have been seen several times and we have not posted reviews by Patrick Langston. They appeared in the Ottawa Citizen.
The critics are:  Kat Fournier, Barb Gray, Patrick Langston, Jamie Portman, Alvina Ruprecht, Maja Stefanowska, Rajka Stefanowska, Iris Winston