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Theatre Criticism in the Changing Digital World. Theatre Department, U of Ottawa. OPEN DISCUSSION….all are welcome.

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Today theatre criticism faces many challenges: in the era of open internet writing the practice of theatre criticism in Canada and worldwide is rapidly changing. It becomes more experimental, reflecting the style of journalistic blogosphere not mainstream criticism currently published in official newspapers and magazines. Who is a true benefactor of such criticism – is it general public,  theatre companies, individual artists, or writers/bloggers/critics themselves, who often use digital writing to express their personal opinion in public, often not in the forms of professional theatre criticism but as self-promotion? 


November 20, 2015, 11:30am to 1p.m. ; Room 310 / Le 20 novembre 2015, de 11h30 à 13h, local 310.

Theatre department at the University of Ottawa/Département d’Études théâtrales, U d’Ottawa. .


•             Patrick Langston (The Ottawa Citizen)

•             Brianna McFarlane (New Ottawa Critics, an association of emerging theatre journalists)

•             Kat Fournier (Capital Critics Circle)

(This debate will be in English.)


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