March, 2006

The Anderson Project, Conceived, Written, Directed and Performed by Robert Lepage

Reviewed by Alvina Ruprecht

The  latest creation  by Robert Lepage  has finally come home. It opened a year ago in Quebec

It has since played in Australia France, England , no doubt changing with each new performance  because Lepage’s stagings, which  continuously absorb new  elements,  are never really finished but ultimately in a state of permanent process.

I have seen most of Lepage’s works and it appears clear that the Andersen project displays a level of elegant refinement ,  a stage  esthetics that has been  purified to a point of  perfection that I never before seen in his work. Gone are the flashy gimmicks, the  spectacular effects ,the accumulation of gasp inducing  technical apparatus. This is a work of  discrete flowing beauty, that appears to be  so flawless, its traces  implant themselves   insidiously  and indelibly  in the memory of the spectator. 


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