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During the 2008 federal election, Rob Salerno, a Toronto-based gay political columnist for the newspaper Xtra, decided to ask the leader of each party about his or her position on gay rights. Stephen Harper was the only one to decline. Salerno’s determination to interview Harper resulted in an assault charge (you’ll need to see the show for the story

behind that) as well as the title — a metaphor, obviously — of this production. It’s styled as a performance piece accompanied by overheads, and Salerno does some brief role-playing. He wades into what he says is Conservative homophobia, reminding us of cuts to HIV/AIDS programs, opposition to gay marriage and the like. Most of what he covers we already know, but to see it gathered in a one-hour format by the entertaining, passionate and intensely opinionated Salerno does remind us that politicians can be dangerous folks indeed.

Ottawa Fringe Festival

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